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Clear Bra (a.k.a. paint protection film) is one of the lesser known products we offer at Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments. New car owners, those that have just had their car painted, or anyone who wants to protect their car’s paint, should consider having paint protection film installed.

Benefits of having clear bra

If you’ve ever gotten a new car, you know how painful it is when it gets its first scratch!

Imagine this is your new car and you’re driving down a dirt road when the truck in front of you kicks up a few pebbles that hit your car’s hood.

Car with paint protection film driving on a dirt road

Without paint protection, your car’s hood is gonna have some nice new dings in it. But with clear bra, it will look as new as the day you drove it off the dealer’s parking lot.

But that’s not all. Clear bra also protects your car’s paint from:

  • Road debris such as re-tread from truck tires or fallen palm fronds
  • Dead insects (Think: driving on I-75 during Love Bug season)
  • Roadside salt & sand if you happen to venture up north in the winter
  • The corrosive effects of bird droppings

In essence, paint protection films are the ultimate defense against road rash.

Where to install paint protection films on your car

Unless you’re a stunt driver who makes his living driving his car in reverse, there’s very little need to have paint protection films installed on the rear end of your vehicle.

The paint on the front and sides are most prone to being damaged so we recommend getting the following areas covered:

  • Front bumper
  • Hood
  • Rocker panels
  • Side view mirrors
  • Fenders
  • Door edges, handles, and steps

Check out our interactive film viewer below to see the exact areas we are referring to.

Why we believe LLumar® paint protection films are the best

We only install paint protection films from LLumar® at our window tint shops in Naples and Fort Myers, FL.

The reason why is because LLumar’s automotive paint protection films:

  • Are covered by a 5 year warranty (certain restrictions apply)
  • Are high-gloss and virtually invisible to the naked eye
  • Provide superior durability to other brands we’ve tried in the past
  • Have a clear coat finish that self-heals when scratched and is resistant to cracks, yellowing, and staining

Other clear bra films that we’ve tested tend to crack as they age and it can get ugly, especially when you try to remove it! Most tinting shops will charge you by the hour to remove clear bra because each individual piece of film must be removed.

It can become a tedious, time consuming job. With splintered film like this, you’re looking at a 9 hour job, at least!

Cracked clear bra paint protection film

If you have paint protection film currently installed on your car, check it for signs of cracking. Don’t ever let it get this bad otherwise you’ll probably have to remove it yourself. Not too many tint shops will touch something like this.

If your car is showing signs of cracking, the sooner you bring it in to us, the better.

We’re here when you need us. Click to get a free quote if you want paint protection for your car in Southwest Florida.


P.S. Even with clear bra installed, you can wash and wax your car just like you normally would with no adverse effects.

4 Ways to Reduce costs increase profit and improve guest comfortIf you own or manage a:

  • Hotel
  • Nursing home
  • Assisted living facility
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • Government building
  • Commercial building

4 Ways to Reduce Costs, Increase Profit, & Improve Guest Comfort was written especially for you. In previous blog posts, we covered how:

  1. Energy saving solar window films could see annual savings of up to 30% with improved HVAC efficiency.
  2. Safety and security window films give both you and your guests peace of mind from wind-blown debris in storms and save you money on stolen goods in the case of a B&E.
  3. Decorative & privacy window films not only can be used to beautify your facility, but provide more privacy to your occupants.
  4. Energy efficient custom window treatments manage sunlight in any room, diverting blinding rays and controlling heat.

Although we covered the contents of this eBook in the previous posts above, you’re welcome to download a free copy to share with others.

We hope that it saves you money and improves your guests’ comfort! If you’d like to see more examples of our products visit our photo gallery. If you’re ready to have any of our products installed, get a free quote today.


In hotels, especially where so much of the exterior space is dedicated to picture windows that let the sun’s heat pour in, energy costs can be alarming!

Plantation shutters

This is the fourth of 4 Ways to Reduce Costs, Increase Profits and Improve Guest Comfort which can be downloaded free from our website!

One of the most effective and visually appealing ways to manage sunlight in any room is by adding energy efficient blinds and solar shades. Well-designed window fashions do more than simply cover a window. We believe that form and function should be inseparable!

Great window treatment design is beautiful…

  • Provides variable light control
  • Insulates rooms against heat and cold while saving energy
  • Protects your furnishings from damaging UV rays
  • Absorbs sound, improving the acoustics in a room

And with advanced manual and motorized cordless systems or wands and tensioners, you can either eliminate operating cords or keep them at a safer distance from children.

To further enhance your energy efficient blinds and shades, you might also consider adding custom designed drapes and cornice boards throughout your hotel.

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How Decorative Window Film Increases Guest Comfort

Posted by Chris On December 19th

Whether you’re looking to add privacy or more originality to your hotel, decorative window film is an attractive affordable solution!

Decorative Window Film

This is three of 4 Ways to Reduce Costs, Increase Profit, and Improve Guest Comfort which can be downloaded for free!

You want your hotel to be as appealing to the eye as possible, a place your guests will enjoy and remember visiting. Now you can add stunning accents while being extremely practical!

Decorative window film can give the realistic look of beautiful stained or etched glass for far less than it would cost to install the real thing. You can choose from a variety of styles or create a one-of-a-kind design that complements the ambiance of your property. Window film that looks like stained or etched glass helps create a unique atmosphere guests will enjoy and remember.

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Safety and Security Window Film

Posted by Chris On November 28th

As the manager of a hotel, you have the responsibility to consider the well-being of your guests.

Security Window film installed on roof windows

Safety and security film provide an assurance of safety without the high costs of replacing windows. Security film is a smooth, transparent polyester film that can be applied to windows as a retrofit product.

Applying protective film to windows ensures that glass holds together, preventing it from shattering in the event of vandalism. For instance, check out this demonstration video from Llumar.

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Solar Window Film

Posted by Chris On November 10th

Adding solar window film to your accommodation can be very rewarding, not only to your bottom line, but to the overall comfort of your guests during their stay.

Solar window film for commercial building

According to a recent survey of facility managers and architects, payback is the biggest hurdle when implementing an energy savings project. In addition, the majority of people who responded to the survey said that 2-4 years was the most acceptable payback period of an energy savings upgrade.

Well, guess what…. Window Tint Cost (Minus) Energy Savings = Fast Payback!

Professional energy audits estimate that buildings retrofitted with energy saving window films could see annual savings of up to 30% with improved HVAC efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and an average payback often within 3 years. Easily calculate how much your hotel could save with our Commercial Energy Savings Calculator.

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Beverly Hills Window Tinting Van

Thanks for taking the time to learn how we can help you reduce costs, increase profit, and improve guest comfort at your hotel, inn, or resort!

It’s our belief that you should be able to fully enjoy sunny Southwest Florida without worrying about what it’s doing to your health or wallet.

Since 1990, our family owned company has been improving Southwest Florida hotels, schools, hospitals and a wide range of commercial buildings by making them more beautiful, energy efficient, and UV protected.

You need your hotel to offer an exceptional guest experience while also being cost-efficient and energy-conscious, don’t you?

We totally get it! Window coverings, in a variety of forms, offer the solution to your needs! Through solar window film

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What’s it like to be in a car accident?

Posted by Chris On September 5th

Have you ever been in one?

Did you experience an out-of-body sensation, like you were watching a slow-motion, silent video of a disaster unfolding before your eyes? It’s happening, but it feels like it’s not happening to YOU.

Did you feel mounting excitement/tension, similar to the kind of feeling you get into when watching the cliffhanging moments of a movie? You can’t get hit, won’t get hit – it’s impossible, right?

The other car comes closer, you can see their faces, the hands gripping the steering wheel, and even then, you hope…


You’re jerked forward, the seat belt digs into your body, then you slam back again as the car slides to a halt.

Did glass shatter and fly all over the place, or was it held together like this window was thanks to your window film?

Safety Window Tint Fort Myers

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by a woman who wanted to let me know that the window tint that Beverly Hills Window Tinting installed for her back in 2009 had saved her and her passenger from disaster.

Imagine driving 75mph down a busy highway, when all of the sudden a large piece of concrete block falls off a truck just ahead of you! Oh NO!!

This is exactly what happened to the young lady who sent me the above photo. She and a friend were traveling down I-75 between Fort Myers and Naples. As the rock began to fall off the truck in front of her, she swerved to keep it from hitting her windshield, but it still ended up smashing into her passenger-side window. Read the rest of this entry »

Looking for ways to improve your window treatments in Naples or Fort Myers?

Would you like them to not only beautiful, but functional and cost-effective at the same time?

In our latest ebook, 12 Ways to Create Beautiful Windows That Save You Money, we cover everything you need to know about selecting window treatments for your home. From which ones are most energy efficient, to which ones could save you money by protecting your home from damage caused by sun or wind.

BHWT eBook Template

Here are the tips that your free eBook will include:

  1. Choose Your Own Adventure with Custom Window Draperies
  2. Naples Window Treatments: Classical Drama with Roman Shades
  3. Naples Window Treatments: Practical Honeycomb Shades for Every Home  
  4. Beautiful Window Treatments #4 – Pleated Shades
  5. Privacy Sheers: A Perfect Window Shade for Your Florida Home
  6. Going Green: Woven Wood Shades are Both Beautiful and Practical
  7. Beautiful Window Treatments #7: Old Florida Style Plantation Shutters
  8. Beautiful Window Treatments #8: Wood Blinds are a Tasteful Choice
  9. Gliding Window Panels: Sleek, Sophisticated, Modern Window Treatments
  10. Decorative Window Film “Wallpaper for Windows”
  11. Improve Your Naples Home with Safety Film

Now that you know everything that matters when it comes to window treatments and films for your home, you can make informed decisions about improving your windows!

If you have  any questions give us a call at (239) 592-5536 in Naples or (239) 489-3838 in Fort Myers. Feel free to contact us online if you have any additional questions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

– Chris

Improve Your Naples Home with Safety Film

Posted by Chris On June 27th

window security film

This is the 12th Tip from our FREE eBook:
12 Ways to Create Beautiful Windows That Save You Money

Safety film – also known as security film or window protection film – is a practical investment when you live in Naples, Fort Myers or anywhere in Southwest Florida.

While windows are beautiful and allow us to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine within our own homes, they are also vulnerable and fragile. Could your home benefit from additional security and window protection? For most homeowners, the answer is yes.

While decorating with window treatments and blinds can be a fun, design experience, safety film can be a little less glamorous. But it’s an important option to consider when you’re creating your overall window budget.

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