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How Decorative Window Film Increases Guest Comfort

Posted by Chris On December 19th

Whether you’re looking to add privacy or more originality to your hotel, decorative window film is an attractive affordable solution!

Decorative Window Film

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You want your hotel to be as appealing to the eye as possible, a place your guests will enjoy and remember visiting. Now you can add stunning accents while being extremely practical!

Decorative window film can give the realistic look of beautiful stained or etched glass for far less than it would cost to install the real thing. You can choose from a variety of styles or create a one-of-a-kind design that complements the ambiance of your property. Window film that looks like stained or etched glass helps create a unique atmosphere guests will enjoy and remember.

Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film

Tip: Use custom designed window film graphics to promote your hotel’s restaurant/spa.

Frosted privacy window film can also be used to keep office areas more private. Choose from on-trend designs that allow light to pass through while preventing those on the outside from seeing in. This can hide office clutter from guests and keep private business from public viewing.

For a case study on the benefits of using decorative window film in your hotel, check out this example from the Fremont Marriott Hotel in California in which the hotel’s luxurious indoor swimming pool is set between a parking area on one side and the health club on the other. Encircled by a transparent glass wall, guests on both sides could see in, giving swimmers and sunbathers very little privacy.

If you’d like more ideas on how to improve guest comfort at your hotel, please download our free eBook and learn about custom window treatments, tinting, and security film.

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