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Stay Cool with Window Film Southwest Florida!

Posted by Chris On July 9th

How can you reduce your energy consumption as the temperatures skyrocket this summer?

Energy efficient window film may be the answer!

Commercial Window Tinting01

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) recently reported that solar-control window films are a more cost-effective way to save energy in warm climates than air sealing, ceiling insulation, or new HVAC units.

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Is home window tinting a good investment?

Fort Myers Home Window Tinting01

The decision to get window tinting for your home isn’t easy for everyone. People may wonder if it will really help them save money on electric, or worry it may block out too much natural light.

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Did you know that about 86 percent of melanoma skin cancer cases can be attributed to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun?

 BHWT - Solar Window Tinting08

Recently, the Asher family contacted me about solar window tinting their Fort Myers home, so I thought it seemed appropriate, since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, to share their story.

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Wouldn’t you love to add a beautiful stained glass window to your home or church? Decorative window film can give you the same look for a fraction of the cost!


Everyone I talk to is looking for ways to save money these days. Home improvements might be on the agenda, but they aren’t always in the budget. Thankfully, there’s an option for adding style, energy efficiency and privacy to your windows without breaking the bank!

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Are you looking for ways to go green? Do you want more energy efficient windows? Are you thinking about replacing old windows in your home?

Well, I have a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for you to consider! Installing energy efficient window film on your home can save time, energy, and money!

freedom / couple

No one wants to deal with the time and mess involved in replacing windows in their home and as long as they’re structurally sound, there’s no need to! Read the rest of this entry »

Save Money with Energy Saving Film for Your Windows

Posted by Chris On November 2nd

Energy Saving Film

Everyone who lives in Southwest Florida knows exactly how hot it can get and just how sunny it is year round (It is the sunshine state after all!). This can be the cause of many problems such as high energy bills, not to mention how all that sunlight can damage not only your body (sunburn – Ouch!) but also your things. You’re probably familiar with the color of your furniture fading because of all that sunshine.

Well, there is a way that you can avoid these troubling things and get a quick and easy fix today! Your solution is energy saving film!

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