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Safety and Security Window Film

Posted by Chris On November 28th

As the manager of a hotel, you have the responsibility to consider the well-being of your guests.

Security Window film installed on roof windows

Safety and security film provide an assurance of safety without the high costs of replacing windows. Security film is a smooth, transparent polyester film that can be applied to windows as a retrofit product.

Applying protective film to windows ensures that glass holds together, preventing it from shattering in the event of vandalism. For instance, check out this demonstration video from Llumar.

Installing safety and security film to your windows gives both you and guests peace of mind, because it’s a reliable and affordable way to guard your windows against heavy winds that can blow debris during hurricane season. It’s a great way of protecting your property from broken glass and the exposure of shattered windows without having to replace existing windows.


Combination solar and security window film is available and makes a great option if you’re interested in adding both energy efficiency and safety to your property.

Case study about the benefits of security window film:

San Antonio, TX Hyatt Regency – Style and Protection with LLumar protective window film.

If you’d like to install this in your building, visit for installation in Fort Myers, Naples, and surround vicinities. Not ready yet, but want to learn more? Download our free eBook 4 Ways to Reduce Costs, Increase Profit, and Improve Guest Comfort in your Hotel.


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