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Solar Window Film

Posted by Chris On November 10th

Adding solar window film to your accommodation can be very rewarding, not only to your bottom line, but to the overall comfort of your guests during their stay.

Solar window film for commercial building

According to a recent survey of facility managers and architects, payback is the biggest hurdle when implementing an energy savings project. In addition, the majority of people who responded to the survey said that 2-4 years was the most acceptable payback period of an energy savings upgrade.

Well, guess what…. Window Tint Cost (Minus) Energy Savings = Fast Payback!

Professional energy audits estimate that buildings retrofitted with energy saving window films could see annual savings of up to 30% with improved HVAC efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and an average payback often within 3 years. Easily calculate how much your hotel could save with our Commercial Energy Savings Calculator.

4 Ways to Reduce costs increase profit and improve guest comfortYour property may also qualify for a commercial rebate through Florida Power & Light, who offers business customers incentives of up to $1 per square foot of qualifying glass facing west, southwest or northwest.


Solar window film doesn’t have to be dark to be effective!

Today films come in a variety of shades, from clear to limo tint and more advanced films are beneficial even when they’re very transparent. Enerlogic Window Film, for example, can be virtually invisible or slightly shaded and offers 10-15% ongoing energy savings with a 3-5 year return on investment depending on your selection.

To find out more ways to reduce costs, increase profit and improve the comfort of your guests, download our free eBook. →

If you’re ready to start seeing the savings in your commercial building, give us a call at 239-592-5536 in Naples or 239-489-3838 in Fort Myers.


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