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Improve Your Naples Home with Safety Film

Posted by Chris On June 27th

window security film

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Safety film – also known as security film or window protection film – is a practical investment when you live in Naples, Fort Myers or anywhere in Southwest Florida.

While windows are beautiful and allow us to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine within our own homes, they are also vulnerable and fragile. Could your home benefit from additional security and window protection? For most homeowners, the answer is yes.

While decorating with window treatments and blinds can be a fun, design experience, safety film can be a little less glamorous. But it’s an important option to consider when you’re creating your overall window budget.

window security film - golf

Do you live near a golf course? Are you in an area that experiences severe thunderstorms with flying debris? Could a burglar smash your windows in an attempt to break into your house?

Consider how much safer you would feel with security film on your windows. Over the long run, it could actually save you money, if you don’t have to repair broken glass. The more windows your home has, the more beneficial safety film will be.

If you’re also interested in adding extra energy efficiency to your home with window tinting, there are options that allow you to combine solar WITH security film, which gives you protection from both UV rays as well as glass breakage. Your windows are so integral to your house; give them the treatment that they deserve!
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