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What’s it like to be in a car accident?

Posted by Chris On September 5th

Have you ever been in one?

Did you experience an out-of-body sensation, like you were watching a slow-motion, silent video of a disaster unfolding before your eyes? It’s happening, but it feels like it’s not happening to YOU.

Did you feel mounting excitement/tension, similar to the kind of feeling you get into when watching the cliffhanging moments of a movie? You can’t get hit, won’t get hit – it’s impossible, right?

The other car comes closer, you can see their faces, the hands gripping the steering wheel, and even then, you hope…


You’re jerked forward, the seat belt digs into your body, then you slam back again as the car slides to a halt.

Did glass shatter and fly all over the place, or was it held together like this window was thanks to your window film?

Safety Window Tint Fort Myers

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by a woman who wanted to let me know that the window tint that Beverly Hills Window Tinting installed for her back in 2009 had saved her and her passenger from disaster.

Imagine driving 75mph down a busy highway, when all of the sudden a large piece of concrete block falls off a truck just ahead of you! Oh NO!!

This is exactly what happened to the young lady who sent me the above photo. She and a friend were traveling down I-75 between Fort Myers and Naples. As the rock began to fall off the truck in front of her, she swerved to keep it from hitting her windshield, but it still ended up smashing into her passenger-side window.

While it was a frightening experience (especially for her passenger), the beautiful thing was that they weren’t hurt by shattered glass or rocks. The firefighter on scene told her that the window film is what kept the window intact and prevented greater injury.

I’ve heard the same thing from other firefighters who have mentioned that accidents where car windows are tinted tend to be a lot less “messy” than those without. Definitely something to think about when your considering whether or not to tint your car windows! And if you’re not a fan of blocking out our beautiful Florida sunshine, keep in mind that window film is available in shades ranging from clear to dark, so don’t let that stop you from protecting the ones you love!

If you live in Fort Myers, Naples or their surrounding areas and are interested in window tinting your vehicle, please contact us or get a free quote using our online form.

Thanks and stay safe!


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