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Installing Solar Window Film

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Does it ever seem like your AC is running more often than not?

We understand!

Solar Window Film OutsideAs much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows if they’re left uncovered!

All of the different window treatments mentioned in our series of blog posts about creating beautiful, energy efficient windows will minimize your sunlight exposure, to different extents. Sheers block less light than opaque or blackout shades, and your UV protection varies as well. But there’s another way to minimize your sun exposure, no matter what window treatment you prefer!

Window tinting your home with solar window film (UV film) provides heat control and makes your windows more energy efficient. Over time, you will save money on your electricity bill from reduced air conditioning costs.

The cost savings is further enhanced because this type of window film is also going to protect you, your family and your home from 99% of harmful UV rays.

Not only do these rays contribute to skin cancer, but your flooring, furniture, curtains and window treatments are all sensitive to light and can fade over time. Solar window film, can improve your family’s health, while extending the life of your furnishings.

Solar Window Film before and after

Many homeowners appreciate the added benefit of glare reduction that home window tinting can provide as well. Television and computer screens are easier to view in a room with solar window film. If you have a beautiful view of the outdoors through your home’s windows, the window film will clarify and enhance your ability to see outside. Glare reduction is also greatly appreciated by business owners, who may have several computers in their workspace.

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