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Decorative Window  Film etched glass

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Do you love the look of stained glass or etched glass?
Would you like additional privacy on your windows?

You may want to consider adding decorative window film to your home or office! Adding color and design with “wallpaper for windows” can be both pretty and practical.

decorative window film cusom glassIf you’re on a tight budget, but love the look of customized glass, you can find an affordable solution with decorative window film.

These decorative films can transform the aesthetics of your entire living space. This isn’t to be confused with some dime store window cling! These stylish films are applied with durable adhesive and are made from durable materials.

From a design standpoint, the film gives you the option of adding texture and dimension where none existed before. Etching, cutting and other design options can take you to places that plain glass can’t. Wallpaper for windows is a good metaphor; much like the way that wallpaper enhances a regular wall, so too does window film enhance the look of glass.

decorative window film outside
Privacy is another distinct benefit of decorative window film. The etched look and rice paper style texture allow light to flow right through rooms, but without the “see-through” effect of plain glass. It’s a good yin and yang balance between light and opacity.

You’ve probably already seen professional examples of decorative or privacy window film in retail and professional environments without even realizing it. Think of a conference room window – the perfect candidate for window film. By letting the light in, the room will keep a bright and cheerful feel, but the privacy of the opaque film will keep the distractions to a minimum.

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