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You don’t have to be Italian to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of roman shades…

Roman Shades

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This type of window covering excels in making it easy to adjust the level of sun or shade in a room. They are created with evenly spaced panels that fold up onto each other when lifted. They can also be lowered back down with the same cord system. Roman shades can be pulled completely up, left all the way down, or, adjusted to somewhere in the middle for a moderate amount of light exposure. Roman shades are also sometimes known as roman blinds.

There are several variations of the roman shade, which can make it confusing to talk about them as a single group. You will notice the common feature to all shades and blinds in this category is the folding panels.

Roman Shades A flat roman shade is exactly what it sounds like – a very modern, clean panel that doesn’t billow or pouf.

A relaxed roman shade is similar to the flat style, but is slightly more casual and not as squared off.

A tulip roman shade is quite different in appearance from the first two. It is a far more romantic style, created with pleats. It’s scooped bottom lends a feminine touch to the overall appearance.

A pleated roman shade shows off its main feature, and the pleats in the fabric are obvious from the front. It’s a good addition for rooms dominated by lots of vertical features, as it softens the directionality of the design.

All roman shades can be made with plain or patterned fabrics. If you have a room that receives too much sunlight, it’s also possible to add a black out lining to the back of these shades for better energy efficiency.

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