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Custom wood blinds are a stylish and tasteful choice for any classic home in Fort Myers or Naples.

Wood Blinds

In this type of window covering, wooden slats are combined to form a blind system that block out a lot of light. Depending on the make and model, a wooden blinds may provide a 95-99% reduction in UV rays.

White Wood BlindSlats usually come in one inch, two inch or larger sizes. It’s best to choose the size of the wood blind slats with the size of your door or window in mind. Large slats are best suited to large spaces, while small slats look appropriate on tinier windows.

Although at first glance, you might feel limited in the available color palette of wood blinds – don’t be! You will probably be surprised to find that wood blinds, especially customized wood blinds, are available in several stains and paint colors.

Control mechanisms vary by brand, but two common types are corded styles and wand tilt styles. These are both similar to what you’d find on honeycomb and pleated blinds. It’s a familiar type of adjustment that you’re already used to in other models.

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Wood Blind

When made with genuine wood (for instance, in the Hunter Douglas Parkland™ line), wood blinds can be expensive. Fine hardwoods like oak and cherry bring richness, depth and character, but it does come at a higher cost. They are often more expensive to install.

High humidity and moisture can be problematic for wood blinds, so it’s important to buy a good quality brand that’s resistant to moisture. You may also consider avoiding these blinds in rooms with lots of moisture – like unventilated bathrooms and laundry rooms.

When properly cared for and maintained, your custom wood blinds will be a lasting – and beautiful – addition to your home.

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