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Energy Saving Window Film

This is the 5th installment of the “Window Tinting – 12 Things You Should Know Before Buying” eBook, which is available as a free download.

A building is only as energy efficient as its windows. By having your home or business windows tinted with energy saving window film, you’re not only saving money on your electric bill and making your building more comfortable… you’re also going green!

In the summer months, windows allow too much heat to enter, forcing cooling systems to work harder and making cooling costs climb. This uses a significant amount of energy and valuable resources. Having the windows of your home or office building tinted will reduce this heat significantly, thereby reducing your energy use and your carbon footprint! But what about the winter months?

Window Tinting 12 Things You Should Know Before BuyingMany window films only provide a summer solution to energy conservation. However, in the winter, windows allow too much heat to escape, forcing heating systems to work harder and making heating costs climb. There is a new solution for this that allows you to “stay green” and “save green” all year long. The solution we are referring to is called EnerLogic. EnerLogic is an energy saving window film that works all year long.

In the summer, EnerLogic keeps the heat out, like traditional reflective window film. However in the winter, EnerLogic has the ability to do what reflective film can’t: It locks the heat inside. This allows you to achieve a perfect balance of energy efficiency, cost savings, and comfort – throughout the year. EnerLogic is categorized alongside other major energy-saving measures such as high-efficiency lighting, new control systems, and upgrades on heating, ventilation, a/c, and cooling.

In fact, using EnerLogic on your home or business windows will actually save you more than most of the alternatives in terms of return on investment. It is a low cost, high return technology that is becoming increasingly popular. In large commercial buildings, using EnerLogic actually DOUBLES the energy and carbon emission savings of darker, more reflective films.

What does it look like? EnerLogic has outstanding optical clarity that’s fully compatible with high-efficiency lighting. Basically, it looks great in any light!

To learn more about the energy saving window film and it’s year round benefits check out Beverly Hill Window Tinting. EnerLogic window tinting isn’t the only type of tinting available, take a look at security films as well. Contact us online or give us a call at either of our Southwest Florida locations for all of your residential window tinting or commercial window tinting needs:

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We look forward to hearing from you soon!

– Chris

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