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Have you ever worried that your outdoor television could get stolen or damaged by the elements?

Discover how we created an outdoor television cover that’s both practical AND attractive!

Like many Southwest Florida residents, my family loves to spend time outdoors on our patio. It’s really a central part of our home when we’re entertaining family and friends. So a TV was a natural addition to our outdoor space.

When we decided to install a flatscreen in our lanai, we had a few concerns regarding theft, water damage and design appeal. Fearing that our new purchase might be stolen, damaged by the elements, and may just be a bit of an eyesore, I was determined to find a way to protect and hide it away when we weren’t using it.

Then I realized that I had all the materials on hand to build an awesome cover that would double as a work of art! Here’s what I did:

  • Mounted my TV on the wall with the proper wall mounting bracket.
  • Built a wooden frame around it and secured that to the wall as well.
  • Installed a remote control operated, motorized roller shade to the front.
  • Enlisted my talented friend and owner of Art by San to paint a charming, one of a kind beach mural over the shade.

It was awesome to see my vision come to life!

Not only is our television protected, but it has become quite a conversation piece when we have company over. The beach scene painted over the shade adds so much color and beauty to our wall, and we love to just relax and enjoy the view!

I hope you find this idea interesting and inspiring! Contact us online or call us at (239) 489-3838 if you would like to learn more about the motorized roller shades used to make this outdoor TV enclosure possible. We are always looking for new and unique ideas, so let us know if you come up with any clever ways that our window covering products can be used to improve peoples lives!

– Chris

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