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Guard Your Vehicle with Paint Protection Film!

Posted by Chris On September 14th

Paint Protection Film

Hey there, just wanted to let you know about a cool new product that we’re now offering. If you’ve ever been concerned about the paint on your vehicle getting damaged by:

  • Flying debris on the road
  • Love bugs
  • The Florida sun
  • Bird droppings

…it’s time to kiss those worries goodbye.

With paint protection film from Llumar you’ll never have to worry about abrasions, nicks, scratches, small road debris, or winter sand and salt ever again…not that winter salt and sand is a big issue here in the sunshine state. But if you’re headed north in the coming months, it can become an issue.

You’ll not only be protecting your vehicle, you’ll be improving it! Llumar protective films will increase the durability of your paint, making it more difficult to damage and giving it a spectacular high gloss shine. The thing that I love most about these films…

…is that they also protect your car’s paint from harmful UV rays, significantly decreasing discoloration over time. Now that’s worth having in Florida!

Your protective film is easy to clean and if you ever decide that you want to remove your protective film you will find that it will cause NO damage to your paint. It even comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty! This really is the best way to enhance your vehicle as well as increase it’s resale value in the future.

To learn more about paint protection film for your vehicle, please call us, the Naples & Fort Myers window tinting experts at either (239) 592-5536 in Naples or (239) 489-3838 in Fort Myers.

You can also contact us online or connect with us at

Look forward to seeing you!

– Chris

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