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Stay Cool with Window Film Southwest Florida!

Posted by Chris On July 9th

How can you reduce your energy consumption as the temperatures skyrocket this summer?

Energy efficient window film may be the answer!

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The International Window Film Association (IWFA) recently reported that solar-control window films are a more cost-effective way to save energy in warm climates than air sealing, ceiling insulation, or new HVAC units.

The purpose of the study was to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of energy control window film in homes and offices, in order to make a case for inclusion in energy and green codes, programs, and incentives in the state of California.

Now, I realize we live in Florida, but with California leading the way in energy conservation, I thought we could all benefit from hearing about the results from this report.

In terms of energy and financial savings, results varied greatly based on location, construction details, and the window film used.

Window film was applied to older homes and buildings as well as new construction. It was then compared with other forms of energy saving measures such as air sealing, ceiling insulation, and new HVAC units, just to name a few.

According to the analysis, window films:

  • could provide savings of $1.20–$2.50 per $100 spent on older homes with single-pane windows, depending on the climate zone and the window film chosen;
  • could provide a 6%–70% return on investment in older commercial office buildings, depending on existing window type and climate zone.

The conclusion was that window films are a more cost effective retrofit opportunity for homes than other measures, especially in homes with single pane glass. Existing office buildings are perfect for window film retrofits, because the rates of return on investment are high, even before utility incentives.

Here’s a video that documents another study done in the Houston Hyatt showing how EnerLogic Window Film helped them reduce energy consumption, while adding beauty to the exterior and increasing the comfort levels of their guests.

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