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It’s hurricane season once again and Hurricane Irene will be nearing the Florida coast in a few days. In case you were thinking about installing hurricane shutters or using plywood to cover your windows, why not consider security film? Security film will protect your windows from flying projectiles due to hurricane force winds. But the benefits of security films don’t stop there.

Safety and security films, often called hurricane film, act as an invisible force of protection. They are made with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives. Easily installed on the interior of glass, the film forms an almost invisible shield that holds glass shards when a pane breaks. This can effectively reduce flying glass related injuries that can result from everything from a hurricane or earthquake tremor to a terrorist attack or intruder break in. Various levels of film protection are available to address different hazards.

Here is a letter from one of our happy customers back in November of 2005 when Hurricane Wilma ravaged the Naples, Florida area:

Dear Sir:

I had you install Llumar security film on my windows in September 2005. I had this installed instead of installing hurricane shutters. On October 24, 2005, Hurricane Wilma struck Naples, FL. As it happened, I was on a business trip to Italy during this time. When I returned on October 30, my neighbors told me that I had a broken window in one of my upstairs rooms. When I inspected this window, I found an “X” shaped crack that ran from the top of the window to the bottom and almost extended from one side to the other. I am convinced that, if I had not had the film installed, this window would have been pushed in by the wind and my home would have sustained major damage. This would have been especially bad since the room with the broken window serves as my home office with computer, fax machine, etc. installed. I feel that my investment in the protective film was returned by its performance in this one storm.


Edward B.

In addition to hurricane safety, security film saves energy. Our films are well known for their energy efficiency. They provide up to 79% heat rejection all while enhancing your view through your windows.

Plus, they remove harmful UV rays. Safety and security films are impregnated with absorbers that block up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays – dangerous perpetrators that can fade and deteriorate furnishings and flooring. Ordinary glass does not block UVA rays, which account for 9o% of the sun’s most damaging rays. Window film with UVShield technology screens out 99.9% of these UV rays, which damage skin and affect furnishings. This is why these films are recommended by physicians nationwide as a preventive measure for patients with solar sensitivity and cancers of the skin.

If you’re looking for extra security from intruders and flying projectiles during hurricane season, having security film installed by an experienced Fort Myers & Naples window tinting technician, can protect your assets and family from hurricane damage, intruders, and UV rays. Need more incentive? Sign up to receive our e-newsletter and we’ll send you coupons! For more information on how we can keep your home safe during hurricane season, contact us online or call:

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