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#4: How Home Window Tinting Saves Electricity

Posted by Chris On January 25th

Home Window Tinting

This is the 4th installment of the “Window Tinting – 12 Things You Should Know Before Buying” eBook, which is available as a free download.

If you’ve ever lived through a summer in South Florida, you know that the heat becomes very intense! Between the heat and humidity, we take refuge in our homes or jump from one air conditioned spot to the next in order to survive. The summer heat can raise the temperature in your home significantly. This forces your air conditioning unit to work twice as hard, often doubling your electric bills.  In warm climates such as South Florida, the heat and intense sunshine are not only limited to the summertime, as it permeates throughout the year!

Improve your comfort, finances, and your relationships!

When we receive a utility bill that is higher than average, it’s amazing how quickly we begin pointing fingers. If you live with your spouse, children, or a roommate, you may have had conversations that involved phrases such as:

  • Window Tinting 12 Things You Should Know Before Buying“Who keeps turning the air conditioner on?”
  • “Stop turning down the thermostat!”
  • “I think you left on every light in this house!”
  • “Do you really need every fan on high?”
  • “That’s it, we’re living by candlelight!”

When it’s summertime in Florida, air conditioning accounts for nearly 80% of your electric bill. So even though we may be very conscious of conserving energy, it’s difficult to save money when the a/c is working so hard. Nobody wants to be told they can’t turn the air conditioner cooler or turn the fans up when they are hot. Then, of course, the discomfort of the heat usually escalates these disagreements, creating a “heated conversation” in more ways than one.

Well, we have good news. There is a simple solution that will save your wallet and your sanity! Getting home window tinting not only saves you from the uncomfortable heat… but also saves you from the skyrocketing electricity bills. This, in turn, saves your family or roommates from the inevitable arguments that follow! (Well, at least the ones about the electric bill.)

In addition to reducing your air conditioning costs, window tinting can also decrease your electric bill through allowing you to use less electric lighting. Because it eliminates the glare and heat, you can take more advantage of the natural light, decreasing your need for lamps or overhead lighting during the day. Not only canyou save money on your electric bill but you can also save $100 on your home window tinting by signing up for Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments’ eNewsletter. Get your window tinting coupons now!

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We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with all of your home window tinting Fort Myers needs!

– Chris

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